Construction Accident

A terrible accident at a casino in Central California has resulted in the death of one construction worker. The incident happened at the Chumash Casino Resort, a gambling casino located in Santa Ynez, California, which is currently under construction.

According to a local newspaper, the 45-year-old man was working on a two story high piece of scaffolding when he fell to his death last Wednesday. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Federal Regulators Plan to Investigate

Federal regulators have announced plans to investigate the death to determine exactly how it may have occurred. According to authorities, the man was working as a steel worker at the construction site and he hails from Las Vegas. It does not appear the accident will delay the construction of the casino, which is set to open next year.

The leader of the Native American tribe that is building the casino referred to the accident and death as tragic. He offered his condolences to the construction worker's family, friends and coworkers. The firm that is managing the construction of the site also expressed its sympathy.

Pursuing Death Benefits After a Worker Dies

California construction workers are protected by workers' compensation insurance, so when a fatal accident like this happens, the deceased workers' primary family members may be able to seek workers' compensation benefits relating to lost income. If the accident happened while the worker was performing his or her job duties, it does not matter who was at fault for the accident, workers' compensation can probably be pursued.

Still, even if a deceased worker has a valid claim for benefits, it does not mean that the claim will be granted. This is when a workers' compensation attorney may be able to help families navigate the process. For example, if a claim is denied, an attorney can examine what needs to be done to try and cure noted deficiencies so that the claim is granted after the resubmission process.