Divorce Tips

Actor Richard Gere and his wife, Carey Lowell, have been engaged in a contentious divorce. The spouses are battling over Gere's fortune, which is estimated at approximately $100 million.

As is common in complex divorces, the first part of the couple's divorce proceedings involved the resolution of their custody dispute. They have a 15-year-old son together. The custody matter was resolved some time ago; however, the particular custody arrangements they agreed to have yet to be revealed.

Gere Appeared to Be in Agreeable Spirits at Court Proceedings

The previous time that Gere appeared in court, he was accused of angrily waving his umbrella at reporters. When he appeared in court last Friday, though, he was in better spirits. The 65-year-old actor was seen smiling as he was leaving the proceedings.

Gere was reported to be so relaxed while waiting to be called to the judge's chambers, that he did not notice the judge calling his name due to the newspaper he was busy reading. The couple sealed their divorce case for privacy reasons, so when his name was called as "Parties on Anonymous" he did not notice until Carey Lowell said in a loud voice, "Richard."

Lowell Gave No Statements to the Press

Lowell refused to make any statements to the press following their closed-door meeting with the judge and attorneys, which lasted for approximately 30 minutes. Nevertheless, she did stop to take a photo of a mural that decorates a rotunda on the first floor of the courthouse. Photography is not usually allowed inside the courthouse, but officers gave her permission.

According to celebrity bloggers and other media sources, the couple decided to separate due to the differences in their personalities. Allegedly, Lowell likes to live a social life that includes high society parties, while Gere, a Buddhist, prefers a more private and secluded way of living.

No relationship is perfect and sometimes spouses change and grow their separate ways, or they realize that their marriage simply is not serving their best interests anymore. In such divorces, amicable resolution of disputes is always preferred, to avoid attorney bills and court costs. However, in some cases of complicated high asset divorces, it is absolutely necessary to employ attorneys and accountants -- who are capable of analyzing all the details that pertain to the couple in order to reach a fair and equitable agreement.