Jaguars Justin Arrested for DUI

A fatal car accident happened in Georgia last Sunday and a teenager was charged with DUI and motor vehicle homicide. The 19-year-old Gainesville, Georgia, driver struck and killed his 2-year-old nephew. He was driving a large Chevy Blazer at the time of the incident.

According to the toddler's grandmother, her son did not hurt his nephew on purpose. She said that it was a horrible accident and it was not done intentionally. She said that no one noticed him run behind the back of his uncle's truck. The grandmother said that she thought the toddler was playing in a safe place when, after her son started backing up the truck, she heard him yelling his nephew's name. Then her son ran to call 911.

Toddler Hit by the Vehicle's Tire

Investigators say that the toddler was hit by one of the tires of his uncle's Chevy Blazer. The baby boy was pronounced dead later on Sunday after being transported to the Northeast Georgia Medical Center.

The uncle in this case was charged with leaving the scene of a fatal car accident in addition to vehicular homicide and DUI in this case. Authorities claim that the man's explanation that he had left to find his brother, the father of the toddler, was not believable.

On Sunday afternoon, the mourning family gathered on the porch of their home to remember the deceased toddler.

Criminal Defense Must Be Handled Sensitively

This automobile accident is particularly horrific because of the devastating effects it will have on the family. Not only have they lost a baby, but the uncle will face the shame and guilt of the incident for the rest of his life. He may also face serious consequences in criminal court if he is convicted of the crimes he has been charged with. Depending on how strong the prosecution's DUI and vehicular homicide claims are, this man might try to get the DUI charges dropped. He might also try to encourage the jury to view the matter as a tragic accident rather than a matter of homicide.