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An astonishing 1,920 pounds of baby food has been recalled by Beech-Nut Nutrition. The Department of Agriculture announced the recall on Tuesday because of a consumer’s report that a small piece of glass was found inside one of the baby food jars. The baby food product is the “Stage 2 Beech Nut CLASSICS sweet potato & chicken.” The baby food in question was produced in December 2014.

According to the USDA, the baby food shipped nationwide to retailers. Beech-Nut says that most of the product is still in warehouses or on store shelves; however, they are working as quickly as possible to pull the remaining inventory off store shelves. The recalled product includes product numbers “12395750815 to 12395750821 and an establishment number of P-68A, which is located inside the USDA mark of inspection.

The Baby Food Recall Equals About 786 Cases of Product

Beech-Nut began a voluntary recall of the affected baby food products after receiving one report. According to one food safety lawyer, a recall of baby food products is very rare because there are few products scrutinized more than baby food. Beech-Nut said that any consumers who have the product in question can return it where it was bought to get a refund or to exchange it.

Beech-Nut Produces 180 Million Jars of Baby Food Each Year

Beech-Nut puts out about 180 million jars of baby food each year. With each jar, it takes responsibility for the quality of the product inside. When the quality of the baby food is comprised, such as by a piece of glass inside, the company becomes liable for any harm that occurred to a consumer. Beech-Nut was negligent because it allowed the baby food with the glass inside to reach a customer. In many cases, food recalls end up causing serious harm or death to consumers due to food poisoning, listeria, salmonella or norovirus. When this occurs, a lawsuit may be filed by the victims or their families seeking compensation for their damages, injuries and losses. Experienced personal injury attorneys can explain more about these product recalls and legal options available.