Throwback Thursday

Like any other day during the year, one can search back in time to find that many significant events came to pass on April 2. Let's start by going back to the 16th Century when something very important happened for Ponce de Leon and his hopeless search for the fabled fountain of youth.

A day of exploration for Ponce de Leon in 1513: It was on this day, April 2, in 1513, that the Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon landed his Galleon in Florida. Still, there is some disagreement on this date and certain historians point to the following day, April 3, as the first day Spaniards set foot on Florida soil.

An artistic day for Beethoven in 1800: Today marks the anniversary of Beethoven's premier of Symphony No. 1 in C Major, Op. 21. The first performance of this historic piece took place in Vienna.

A martial day for Woodrow Wilson in 1917: This was the day that Woodrow Wilson requested congressional approval to declare war on Germany. In his request, he said that "The world must be made safe for democracy." Congress agreed and offered up its official declaration of war only four days later.

A somber day for Charles A. Lindbergh in 1932: On his day, famed aviator Charles Lindbergh and John Condon paid $50,000 ransom to a man to return Lindbergh's kidnapped son. Unfortunately, the boy was never returned and he was later found dead.

A soapy day for soap lovers in 1956: This was the day that the soap operas The Edge of Night and As the World Turns showed their first episodes on CBS.

Movie night for sci-fi lovers in 1968: The now famous sci-fi blockbuster 2001: A Space Odyssey premiered on his day in Washington, D.C.

Argentina takes a stand in 1982: On this day Argentina took over the Falkland Islands from Britain. By June, the British had already taken the the islands back.

The last day for Pope John Paul II: After serving the Catholic Church as its Pope for 26 years, Pope John Paul II died at the age of 84 on this day.

Did anything happen today, on April 15, 2015, that you think history will remember?