Ocean Oil Platform

A tragic accident happened on Wednesday in the Gulf of Mexico. Four oil workers are reported to have died in a Mexican oil platform fire. Sixteen more were injured. The oil platform belongs to Pemex, a state-owned oil giant from Mexico. According to a spokesperson from Pemex, among the dead was an employee of the Mexican oil company Cotemar.

Reports indicate that the incident happened during the early morning hours on Wednesday on the Abkatun Permanente platform. As of last reports Pemex was battling a blazing inferno on the platform with eight firefighting boats.

Different Reports Indicate 45 Injuries

Among the sixteen inured workers, two are reported to be in serious condition. However, an emergency services spokesperson from Ciudad del Carmen, which is not far from the disaster, claimed that a total of 45 indviduals have been injured in the fire. Three hundred workers had to be evacuated from the platform.

The Abkatun Permanente platform is a dewatering and pumping platform located in the Abkatun-Pol-Chuc oilfields off shore in the Gulf of Mexico. The region where the platform is located is called the Campeche Sound, which is not far off the coast of Mexican states Tabasco and Campeche. In 2013, the area produced less than 300,000 barrels a day. That represents a decrease of over 50 percent from the area's peak of 700,000 per day in the 1990s.

Not the First Disaster at Pemex

This is not the first disaster experienced by Pemex. An explosion at the company's central location in Mexico City resulted in the death of 37 workers in 2013.

Working on oil rigs and offshore oil platforms can be dangerous. While it is not likely that the average worker will be injured or killed, if such an event does occur at a U.S. company, then workers and their families may qualify for workers' compensation benefits depending on the facts of their cases.