Police Officer

A strange series of events has led to the death of one man in front of National Security Agency (NSA) headquarters in Maryland. The incident happened on Monday, after two men smashed a sport utility vehicle into the gated entryway of the NSA.

The FBI is currently investigating the incident, which ended in police officers opening fire on the SUV. One of the SUV's occupants was killed and the other was injured. An officer was also injured.

Not Clear if Men Were Intoxicated

At this time, it is not clear whether the men were intoxicated and confused, or if they actually intended to break into the high security area. A spokesperson for the FBI stated that the FBI does not suspect that this was a terroris attack. The FBI has not issued any statements about the current medical conditions of the injured officer or the surviving suspect. Both injured men are receiving medical care at a local hospital.

Perhaps the strangest part of the event was the fact that the men in the SUV were transvestites and were cross-dressing as women at the time of the crash. According to authorities, they had been partying at a hotel approximately seven miles away from the NSA headquarters prior to the incident, when they allegedly stole a vehicle from another person at the hotel and drove it to the front gates of the government facility.

SUV Accelerated Toward Police Cruiser

A spokesperson for the NSA said that the vehicle refused to stop at the checkpoint, and rammed into a police vehicle that was blocking the roadway. As the SUV sped up in the direction of the police vehicle, NSA police began shooting at the men. At this time, it has not been released how or to what extent the officer was injured in the incident.

The surviving man in this case will likely face criminal charges in court. The severity of those charges will depend on whether or not he was the actual driver of the vehicle, among other factors. If the surviving man was merely the passenger of the car, he may be able to argue certain points in his defense.