Employment Discrimination

McDonald’s workers from across the nation are protesting about the burn injuries they suffered on the job. The employees claim that McDonald’s did not provide proper first aid following their injuries. The protests have gained support from the “Fight for 15” group, which is advocating and organizing protests so workers can receive a living minimum wage of $15.00 per hour.

First-Aid Kit Completely Empty

One Manhattan McDonald’s employee -- who is filing a federal employment law complaint -- says that he suffered a burn injury over his eye while removing apple pies from an oven. However, when he went to the first aid kit, it was empty. He said that he could not even find a band-aid.

Over 24 McDonald’s employees have announced that they will be filing federal lawsuits over their burn injuries and dozens more have already filed their suits. All of the employees say that McDonald’s managers offered them condiments to treat their burns instead of first aid. One woman was offered a packet of mustard and told to rub its contents on her burn wound. However, the woman -- who earns just $8.10 per hour -- said that her burn was severe and she later had to go to the hospital for treatment. Another man was told to slather butter on his burn and keep working.

Burn Injuries Extremely Common for Fast-Food Workers

McDonald’s has responded by calling the lawsuits nothing more than a tactic to damage its brand and stir up media attention. However, according to the National Council for Occupational Safety and Health, burn injuries are common at fast food restaurants and approximately 79 percent of fast food employees have suffered an on-the-job burn injury.

McDonald’s employees who are burned or hurt on the job may be able to receive workers’ compensation benefits to pay for their medical care, depending on the severity of the injury. Also, workers who feel that they did not receive proper first-aid treatment after an on-the-job injury may have a valid employment law complaint.