Hit and Run

A 69-year-old pedestrian was walking her dog in Plymouth, Massachusetts, last Thursday when she was run down by an automobile. The driver of the car did not even bother stopping and authorities are still looking for the motorist.

Both the woman and her dog were hit in the collision. The dog was killed, and although emergency workers rushed to help the woman, they were unable to save her. She was first treated for serious head injuries at a hospital in Plymouth, and later transported by helicopter to a hospital in Boston. She succumbed to her injuries at the Boston Medical Center.

Family in Shock

The woman's children expressed their shock at hearing the news. Her daughter said that her mother was a strong and sweet woman. She said that her mother was the center of their family. She also expressed how difficult it has been to think that another driver could just leave her mother to die like this and to have no answers regarding what happened. The family is asking that the driver turn him- or herself into authorities.

According to local residents, it is not uncommon for drivers to speed through the neighborhood and use it as a shortcut to bypass traffic. Still, it is unsure if this is what happened or if there was another cause for the crash. The Plymouth Police Department, along with detectives and an accident reconstruction team from the Massachusetts State Police, are trying to find answers by reconstructing the accident. At this time, no one knows the make or model of the vehicle that hit the woman, but authorities believe it will have windshield and front end damage. State and local police are reaching out to the public for help in identifying the driver and/or the vehicle that caused this tragic crash.

It Is Vital That the Driver Is Identified

Whenever a fatal or injurious hit-and-run accident happens, authorities will rush to try and identify the at-fault driver. The sooner this can be done, the better, because it only becomes more difficult to identify the responsible party with time. Further, it is essencial to find the person in order to hold him or her accountable in criminal court and so that family members can seek justice through a wrongful death or personal injury claim.