Man Steals Girl Scout Cookie Money

A strange theft happened last Sunday in San Jose, California, resulting in one man's arrest and extreme embarrassment. A 23-year-old man was taken into custody by authorities after he stole money from a group of 10-year-old Girl Scouts in front of a Safeway. The robber has since confessed to his misdeeds, however, and the money has been returned. Fortunately, no girls -- nor the thief -- were hurt in the incident.

When reviewed in detail this story becomes more unfortunate because one can see how the arrested man's drug addiction to heroin drove him to commit the awful act. The man -- still in jail on last reports -- said that if he could, he would offer his apologies to the girls and their troop mothers. The only thing he could say in his defense was that he was experiencing extreme heroin withdrawal at the time and he needed money fast to get more heroin and curb his symptoms.

Crime Was Spur of the Moment Decision

The man said that he had only planned to take a bathroom stop at the Safeway where the crime occurred. However, as he approached, he saw the girls in front of the store with a lunchbox loaded with cash. In fact, they had $300 in cash inside the lunchbox they were using to hold the proceeds of their charitable sales. In a spur of the moment decision, the man took the box in plain view and ran away on foot.

Later, he pocketed the cookie money and tossed the lunchbox in a creek. Next, he brazenly returned to the Safeway parking lot to retrieve his vehicle. That's when a troop mother for the Girl Scouts saw him and identified him to authorities. Eventually, police tracked him down, arrested him, retrieved the $300 in cookie money and returned it to the Girl Scouts.

The Unfortunate Effects of Drug Addiction

This sad case is an example of how drug addiction can drive individuals to do things they would never have done otherwise, things that they are later very ashamed of. Fortunately, an arrest like this can be an important step for people to become more aware of their issues and seek the help they need to recover. In this case, for example, the robber has expressed his shame over the incident and also said that he will be getting help for his heroin addiction. This attitude could also help him in getting