Fatal Shooting

Another police shooting incident has hit the news. This time, three officers fatally shot a man on Skid Row in Los Angeles, and the entire incident was caught on video.

The shooting happened on Sunday, after officers from the Los Angeles Police Department responded to reports of a robbery at approximately 12 p.m. After arriving on scene, the officers tried to take a homeless man into custody. According to the police, though, the man fought with the officers and resisted arrest. Allegedly, the homeless man grabbed for one of the officers's guns. Three other officers responded by opening fire and killing the man with five shots.

Incident Recorded by Multiple Cameras

According to the commander of the Los Angeles Police Department, the department is aware that the homeless man went for one of the officer's guns, but the incident is currently under investigation. The awful shooting was recorded by a witness, who later posted the graphic video on his Facebook page. In the video, there is the sound of cursing voices, the zap of a deployed taser, and someone saying, "Drop the gun," just before the shots were fired.

Authorities say that they are reviewing this and other video footage, including surveillance camera and police body camera video.

On Sunday evening, the shooting inspired protesters to appear in Pershing Square to speak out against police violence.

Officers Placed on Paid Administrative Leave

The officers involved in the incident will be on paid administrative leave while investigations are completed. According to the Los Angeles Police Protective League, facts and witness testimonies are being gathered and reviewed. The league also asked the public to reserve its judgement on the shooting because we still do not have all the facts about the event. The league further stated that audio from the video footage makes it appear that the officers' lives were being threatened.

Any time an incident of alleged police misconduct occurs, victims and their families can gain insight on the matter, and whether a viable personal injury or wrongful death claim exists by speaking with a qualified police misconduct attorney.