DuMOR Sheep Formula Recall

The DuMOR Sheep Formula from Purina has been subjected to a state-wide recall in Florida. According to the maker of the sheep food, Purina Animal Nutrition, affected bags may contain dangerous and potentially fatal levels of copper. At least one sheep has already died after eating the recalled product.

Sheep suffering from copper contamination may show various signs of poor health. Grinding of teeth, lethargy, anemia, thirst and poor appetite are common symptoms of copper toxicity in the animals. Sheep may also exhibit pale or yellow mucous membranes, dark purple or red urine, and a tendency to lie down. Following these symptoms, it is not uncommon for sheep to die.

Farmers Advised Not to Use Recalled Food

Farmers who have purchased the Purina DuMOR Sheep Formula are being advised to stop feeding it to their sheep immediately. Affected products were produced at the Purina plant in Lake City, Florida, on Nov. 28, 2014, and they were distributed to seven different Tractor Supply Company stores across Florida. Affected bags can be identified by their lot numbers, which will read: 4NOV28LKC1. The lot number is located on the sewing strips of the bags.

Florida Supply Company retailers have been instructed to notify their sheep food customers about the recall. They have also been instructed to immediately remove affected bags from their stores. Meanwhile, customers can return affected bags to their purchase location for a full refund.

Product Liability Claims for Recalled Animal Food

Consumers rely on the safety of the products they buy. When an animal food manufacturer makes a mistake and sells deadly and contaminated food to farmers and pet owners, it may give rise to class action lawsuits or individual product liability suits. Florida farmers who believe their sheep have been hurt or killed because of contaminated Purina sheep food can contact a product liability attorney regarding the potential for seeking damages in court. In the case that sheep were injured or killed, costly veterinary bills and other financial damages may have resulted, all of which could be pursuable in court.