New Jersey Governor

New Jersey's governor has reached accord with his state's teachers' union regarding a large-scale pension problem. Governor Chris Christie and the union have laid out a plan that will hopefully resolve the long-term problems once and for all. According to the governor's office, Christie is expected to reveal the details of the agreement Tuesday afternoon during his 2015 New Jersey state budget address.

Problems Ongoing Since 2009

Problems first arose between the Governor and the New Jersey Education Association in 2009, as soon as Christie was elected into office. Since that time, the teachers' union has fought the governor's attempts to scale back retirement benefits for New Jersey teachers.

According to excerpts from the governor's address, which were released in advance of Tuesday's speech, the governor will say, "I know we can get this done. We have proven time and again that even when we look like we're not going to make it work and that politics and partisan interests have won, we flip the script."

At this time, the teachers' union has not made any comments with regard to the alleged agreements. However, this positive step forward for teachers comes just one day following a major setback for Christie on the issue. A judge ruled Monday that Christie's plan to reduce state-funded retirement benefits by $1.6 billion was unconstitutional. Those benefit cuts were essential to Christie's plan to remedy a projected 2015 budget deficit of $2.7 billion in New Jersey. Christie may now have to look for other places to cut government spending. Also, teachers could soon have something to celebrate.

Get Legal Help if Your Benefits Are Threatened

Government worker retirement benefits are a sensitive topic because of the way budget cuts and other decisions of lawmakers can affect them. Teachers, police officers, firefighters and other types of government workers can be harshly and negatively affected for the rest of their lives when faced with the threat of benefits cuts. In such cases, an employee benefits attorney may be able to help evaluate an individual's legal rights and privileges to stop or circumvent the negative consequences of threatened employee benefits cuts.