Computer Manufacturer

A number of angry Lenovo customers have brought lawsuits against the computer manufacturer because of pre-loaded adware on their computers. The plaintiffs, who have filed a class-action lawsuit against Lenovo, say that the computer company loaded Superfish adware on their new computers, which left them vulnerable to malware attacks.

Following its announcement, Lenovo sent out fixes that removed the alleged spyware from its customers' computers. As of late last week, McAfee and Windows Defender have also been updated to identify and remove the Superfish software from computers.

Superfish Leaves Users Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

In addition to spying on computer users, the Superfish software puts product recommendations inside search results. It also opens security holes, putting computer users' personal information at risk. The problem was first revealed last September; however, it was not until a hacker wrote about the issue in a blog that consumers became more informed about the issue.

One of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit alleged that the Superfish software -- which is referred to as "spyware" in the complaint -- caused damage to her laptop. The woman said that she bought a Yoga 2 notebook computer to conduct her business as a blogger. That was when she started seing ads with pictures of seductively dressed women. She also started getting pop-up ads that she was not accustomed to seeing.

At first, the woman assumed that she had some kind of spyware or malware installed on her computer. Then, she investigated online forums to find that other Lenovo users were experiencing similar issues. Eventually, she determined that the problem related to the Superfish software that had been pre-loaded on her computer by Lenovo without her knowing.

Allegedly Lenovo Profited from the Spyware

The civil lawsuit accuses Superfish and Lenovo of privacy invasion and earning money by spying on the plaintiffs' Internet browsing histories. The class action suit was initiated after Lenovo confessed to pre-loading the software on certain computers. The laptops that received the software include the following models: the Flex, Miix and Yoga, and the G, E, S, Y, Z series.