MDMA Overdoses in Connecticut

Nearly a dozen students from Wesleyan University in Connecticut required hospital treatment after they overdosed on the psychedelic drug MDMA. One student was reported to be in critical condition as of Sunday.

News of the overdoses was reported by a spokeswoman for the University. Fortunately, although some of the students were seriously injured, none of the injuries were fatal. Authorities are currently investigating the incident to discover more about what happened.

MDMA Is the Active Ingredient in Ecstasy

MDMA (methylenedioxymethamphetamine) is an illegal designer drug that is the primarily active ingredient in ecstasy. When taken, MDMA functions as a psychedelic and a stimulant. Another common street name for the drug is "Molly." Users tend to feel energized in addition to experiencing a time distortion affect. They also experience enhanced enjoyment relating to their tactile senses. In most cases, MDMA is ingested orally as a capsule or a tablet and its affects last from three to six hours.

In this case, it is likely that the students who were taken to the hospital will be interviewed by authorities as a part of the investigation into the incident. As more information is revealed, they may identify and arrest several suspects relating to the alleged source or dealer who supplied the students with the MDMA.

Students Could Face Criminal Charges

If a student is charged with dealing MDMA he or she could face serious jail time if convicted. The students who were taken to the hospital for overdosing on the drug may also face the threat of suspension, expulsion and criminal drug charges. For this reason, all the students who were involved in the incident may wish to speak with a criminal defense attorney to find out what their legal rights and options are. An attorney can help these students respond to authorities during investigations, safeguard the students' rights and help them limit the chances and/or severity of criminal consequences.