Pork Sausage Company Recalls

Federal officials have announced the recall of approximately 4,300 pounds of pork in Michigan. The recall was initiated due to the mislabeling of thousands of pounds of pork sausage. Federal regulators believe that the items contain an undeclared allergen.

The Food Safety and Inspection Service division of the U.S. Department of Agriculture released news of the recall Tuesday evening. The pork sausage company, Michigan Brand, Inc., issued the recall in order to curb the threat of consumers suffering dangerous allergic reactions after ingesting the mislabeled pork sausage.

Recalled Pork Contained Undeclared Soy

According to the Food Safety and Inspection Service, affected batches of the product contain undeclared hydrolyzed soy protein. For individuals who suffer from severe soy product allergies, ingesting hydrolyzed soy protein could result in a dangerous allergic reaction. If an allergic reaction is severe enough to result in anaphylactic shock, a consumer could suffer lifetime disabilities and even death as a result.

The undeclared soy was discovered by an inspector who was double-checking labels on the pork sausage. The inspector noted that the ingredients lists did not disclose the hydrolyzed soy ingredient.

Among the recalled products were packages of Teriyaki Hunter Sausage sold under the brand name Jerky Outlet. The affected products also have establishment number 10306 listed on their packaging.

Restitution for Dangerous Food Product Injuries

Fortunately, it appears that the pork sausage company and federal regulators have recalled this potentially dangerous mislabeled food product in advance of anyone suffering a severe injury. However, consumers should be aware that if they or their family members are harmed by allergic reactions relating to a mislabeled product, a viable claim for financial restitution may exist. By pursuing such a lawsuit in civil court, victims and their families can seek money to pay for medical care, money to pay for permanent and/or temporary disability, wrongful death damages and other forms of restitution.