Woman Sneaks onto Plane

A woman who is perhaps the most notorious airline stowaway in history was arrested and jailed in Jacksonville, Florida, last Sunday. Authorities arrested and accused her of using a false name to check into a Jacksonville beach resort. They also accused her of unlawfully stowing away on board a plane traveling from Minnesota to Jacksonville.

Marilyn Hartman is a retired and homeless ex-legal assistant. She has become famous in recent years for her uncanny ability to sneak onto commercial jets without a ticket. According to authorities, she will go to an airport and wait around until she sees an opportunity to get past security guards. She has a charismatic personality, which she uses to magically gain entrance to airport boarding gates and jets.

The woman has succeeded in boarding an astounding number of flights without a ticket; however, authorities say that her actions are illegal and she could face serious punishment. Last year, she was arrested and taken to jail after sneaking onto a plane heading to Los Angeles from San Jose, California.

Approached a Driver Holding a Sign at the Airport

In her Florida case, she has been charged with fraud/impersonation, trespassing and defrauding an innkeeper. Allegedly, she entered the $300 a night Florida resort with someone else's name, after she approached a driver who was holding up a sign with the woman's name on it at the airport. Her ruse was eventually discovered after the original reservation holder showed up. Hartman is currently being held on bond of $50,000 while she awaits her court appearance on Tuesday.

Hartman Will Be Entitled to a Criminal Defense

This case is certainly a unique one, and if the allegations are true, Hartman could face serious legal punishments. Nevertheless, she will be entitled to her day in court, in which she can try to better her situation in the eyes of the law. She will also be entitled to legal representation and if she cannot afford a private criminal defense attorney on her own, she will be given a free public defender by the Florida court that is handling her case.