LawsuitThe children of Martin Luther King, Jr., have been engaged in two lawsuits over issues relating to their late father's Nobel Peace Prize and Bible. One of those lawsuits has now been dropped.

According to King's daughter, Bernice King, the late orator and peace activist's estate has decided to drop the lawsuit voluntarily. The suit was filed in August 2013, and brought against the Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change in Atlanta -- a non-profit company that she leads. Two of King's other children, Martin Luther King, III, and Dexter King, initiated the suit against their sister, saying that they would take away the center's ability to use their father's name, unless Bernice was terminated as CEO. The suit claimed that Bernice failed in her duty to protect artifacts and documents from water, mildew, fire and theft.

Daughter Hopeful Dispute Will Soon Be Resolved

Bernice King claims that the dropping of the suit signifies that the King Center will be able to keep its licensing rights. She also said that it was a good indicator that the feud between the siblings may be on its way to resolution. She said that the case's dismissal was a vital step toward fostering a better relationship between her center and the estate, and she was hopeful that they might be able to settle their differences outside of court.

The case that is still pending involves Bernice King's possession of a Bible that her father carried through the civil rights movement in addition to the Nobel Peace Prize that he received in 1964. Last year, King's estate voted to liquidate the items; however, Bernice says that they are sacred and they should not be sold. The estate filed suit, demanding that the items be returned, but she has been fighting it in court. Both items are currently being held in trust by the court.

Martin Luther King, Jr., Did Not Have a Will

Believe it or not, Martin Luther King, Jr., did not have a will on file at the time of his assassination in 1968. His estate was transferred to his widow, Coretta Scott King, and their four children. Coretta died in 2006, and one of King's children has also passed away.