IV SolutionThe United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has announced that numerous people have been sickened by unsterile intravenous fluids -- fluids that were only intended for use in training. Tragically, one person has even died after receiving the contaminated fluids; though, officials are not certain if the solution caused the death directly.

Just under a month ago, the FDA advised doctors that they should not use any simulated intravenous products manufactured by the company Wallcur, LLC, a medical training product company in San Diego. The FDA told doctors that it had received numerous reports relating to serious reactions and other dangerous medical conditions experienced by patients who were administered Wallcur intravenous fluids.

The non-sterile fluids were distributed to urgent care facilities, surgical centers and medical clinics in seven different states.

40 People Suffered Ill-Effects Thus Far

In a more recent announcement the FDA said that it is aware of over 40 individuals who were administered the simulation saline solution intravenously. Many of these patients suffered negative effects like chills, tremors, headache and fever, resulting in the hospitalization of some and one death. Still, the FDA has not confirmed if the death was actually caused by the non-sterile fluid.

The FDA has since gathered samples of the Practi-0.9 percent sodium chloride IV solution with the help of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The medical centers that used the product say that they had not been informed it was only for simulation use. Now, the FDA is investigating how these practice solutions got on the market.

In recent months, sterile 0.9 percent sodium chloride solutions for medical use have been harder to come by. The solution is normally used by doctors to assist patients suffering from dehydration and other medical issues.

Have You Been Injured by Contaminated Medical Products?

It is paramount that patients suffering from an adverse reaction to a non-sterile product get to the bottom of the cause immediately. Unfortunately, though, illness and injury caused by contaminated medical products may not be easy to immediately detect. Doctors and nursing staff may confuse the reaction with another kind of condition and serious injuries may result. If a patient does develop serious injuries, he or she may also wish to seek financial restitution in court.