QuestionsAs a result of recent protests against police brutality, lawmakers and the public have been directing more scrutiny toward law enforcement officials and the manner in which they uphold the law. One recent study takes a look at flash-bang grenades, their use by police and the inherent risks and dangers of their use.

Police throughout the United States use flash-bang grenades during riot situations in order to control crowds. They also use them in drug raid operations. However, the devices become extremely hot and can cause serious burns if used improperly or if an unforeseen accident occurs during their deployment.

Stun Grenades Have Caused Serious Injury and Death

Alternatively named stun grenades, the incendiary devices caused one woman to suffer serious burns in Minneapolis in 2010. The woman later filed suit against the city, claiming that the grenades caused her to suffer burns that exposed her bone tissue. Police said that her burns were an accident, but the woman was able to secure damages of approximately $1 million from the city. In another stun grenade case, an elderly man died in a fire that started from the devices.

Reducing the Use of Stun Grenades

One would hope that the dangers of stun grenades would cause law enforcement officials to stop using them, but the above cases and others cited in the study have not served to have such an effect. In the coming years, anything that police can do to reduce the chance of the public suffering injury or death while they carry out their duties will certainly be an improvement.

In the meantime, individuals can find protection under current laws. If you or your loved one have suffered an injury due to excessive police violence, a personal injury attorney may be able to help. Even if an arrest results in a criminal conviction, victims of police violence may be able to seek financial restitution for their injuries.