Jail cell doorA San Diego County attorney who specializes in helping clients with their medical marijuana legal issues has been arrested and charged with violating "social host ordinance" laws. The alleged violations occurred after his teenage daughter threw a mega-party at his home to celebrate her 18th birthday.

Party Themed: Liv's Playboy Mansion

The party was themed "Liv's Playboy Mansion" and invitations encouraged guests to arrive in appropriate party attire. Suggested outfits included Chip n' Dale dancer costumes for boys and Playboy bunny costumes for girls. The father of the girl says that the party got out of hand because uninvited troublemakers crashed the festivities on a public street. The father also says that he was not formally arrested. Nevertheless, police did put handcuffs on him and required him to stay a night in jail.

The father also made another statement, saying that the party invitations for the event strictly read that the festivities would be "safe" and "clean" and that any misbehaving guests would be removed from the environment.

The party was a huge success in terms of attendance. According to reports, around 150 to 200 teens showed up to celebrate.

Two Unconscious Teens Found on Site

When police arrived on scene, they say they found two unconscious teenage boys; however, it is not known if the teens were actually inside the home or outside on the street. Law enforcement officers dispatched a helicopter to assist in their operations, which -- based on the bill they have given to the 48-year-old father -- were extremely expensive. Police have charged the man $3,600 for their expenses. The man also faces charges relating to his alleged violation of local laws that prohibit providing a location for underage drinking.

The arrested man in this case does not face exceedingly serious charges. However, any time an attorney or some other kind of professional is accused of committing a crime, it is vital that the person takes his or her criminal defense seriously. A criminal conviction and its associated punishments could wreak havoc on anyone's life from a criminal punishment perspective, but it could also result in a professional losing his or her license and/or reputation.