breast feeding"Free The Nipple" activists -- like Miley Cyrus, Bruce Willis' daughter and thousands more -- say they want women to have the freedom to breastfeed their babies in public. Believe it or not, breastfeeding in public is actually illegal in a lot of states. Mothers who want to breastfeed their children should therefore be informed about their local laws to see how this activity could be viewed.

Breast Exposure Laws in Different States

In Arizona, police can put the cuffs on any woman they suspect of revealing her nipple or areola (the part around the nipple) in the presence of another individual. In other areas, the law reads differently, but not too differently. In Los Angeles, you are technically allowed to go hiking in nature without any clothes on, but if you expose your private parts -- including your female breasts -- in public, you can get charged with a public indecency misdemeanor violation. In Indiana and Michigan, if your female breasts are not obscured with a completely opaque covering, you could be guilty of a crime as well. In Louisiana, the punishment for showing off your breasts in a sexual manner could land you in jail for three years or leave you with a $2,500 fine. In Delaware women who reveal their breasts in circumstances that will cause alarm or affront can also get the cuffs put on them.

Is public breastfeeding sufficient cause for alarm? That depends on whom you speak with, but more and more people are saying that it most certainly should not be. These "Free The Nipple Activists" say that our laws need to be changed to address this fact.

New Film Addresses Breastfeeding Rights

A film called Free The Nipple came out last month and it has been supported by celebrities, including Lena Dunham, Rumer Willis, Miley Cyrus and many more. The film is expected to help raise awareness, encourage civil rights equality among the sexes and help speed up legal reforms to provide mothers and women more rights in this regard.

What Do You Think About This?

Are laws that limit mothers' ability to breastfeed in public and laws that prohibit women from taking off their shirts in public the way men do unfair and an example of sexual inequality?