A tragic train versus school bus accident has resulted in two deaths. The collision occurred in North Dakota on Monday, after a train plowed into a school bus in the state. The driver of the bus and one teenager were killed. In addition, at least 11 more people suffered injuries.

Bus Driver Allegedly Failed to Yield

The incident happened at approximately 3:45 p.m. Allegedly, the bus did not yield to the train at a crossing outside of Larimore, North Dakota. The impact of the collision led to the death of 62-year-old driver of the bus and a 17-year-old student.

A local hospital in Grand Forks reported that it received 10 injured patients relating to the crash. Three were transferred to another medical facility and six were admitted. One more was discharged. The hospital did not describe the nature or severity of their injuries. Fourteen individuals, of different ages, were riding on the bus in total.

When the collision occurred, the bus had been driving on a gravel roadway. It was hit by the train in the front right side. The crossing did not have railroad crossing arms, but a stop sign and railroad signs were present in front of the tracks. According to a representative from the North Dakota Highway Patrol, neither weather or road conditions factored into the accident.

Families Will Want Answers

The individuals who were injured and their parents, along with the families of those who were killed, will most certainly want to know how such a horrible collision like this could have occurred. Was the driver under the influence of drugs or alcohol? Was the driver distracted in some way? These and other questions will be answered after law enforcement officials perform a detailed analysis of the crash scene, eyewitness reports and any other evidence leading up to the incident.

Injured passengers and family members of the deceased may have strong claims for financial restitution against the school board and/or the train company, or some other party, that was responsible for the safe operation of this bus. Once the car accident investigations are complete, victims will have a clearer picture of the best way to proceed with such claims. They may also want to pursue their own independent evaluations of the evidence to determine who may have been liable and at fault for the crash.