Texting While DrivingNow that almost all states have enacted some kind of a texting-while-driving ban, many drivers are left to wonder what their friends and relatives are texting them, while they pay better attention to the road ahead of them. If you are itching to put your thumbs to use during your morning commute, there may be hope for you yet. Technology is improving and soon we may be using self-driving cars, with passengers doing all manner of things inside (except for driving or paying attention to the road).

Self-driving cars could free up drivers to eat breakfast, put on makeup and text and chat with their friends. Self-driving cars could also eliminate the concept of distracted driving and improve the safety of road conditions overall.

What Would a Self-Driving Car Look Like?

Recently, the German automotive company Daimler AG, presented a concept Mercedes-Benz at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show in order to show what a luxury self-driving car might look like in the future. The "car" looks more like a self-driving living room than anything else. The Mercedes-Benz F 015 has a spacious cabin and enough seating to fit four. Its lounge-like interior boasts a leather, glass and polished aluminum design concept trimmed with walnut veneer. It is softly lighted with blue LEDs.

For commuters who prefer to have a personal valet at the helm of their automobile, or drive their cars themselves, the F 015 caters to them, too. The self-driving features can be disabled, allowing the car to be driven manually. During automated, driverless scenarios, the front seats can be turned around to face the rear-seated passengers.

For text-a-holics and Internet-a-holics, the F 015's cabin is furnished with six digital screens that are manipulated by touch, gestures and eye-tracking. With all those screens you could be texting three different people at once and having a voice conversation with your wife, all while balancing a ledger from the office.

Daimler AG says it has a vision for the future, where self-driving automobiles will allow for special safety areas designated only for self-driving cars. They expect these changes to improve quality of life standards for everyone across the board.

Would You Want to Own a Self-Driving Car?

Do you think self-driving cars are the way to go? Do you think they could help reduce car accidents and eliminate the criminal law violations and dangers associated with texting-while-driving? Post your comments below!