RussiaMany of us in the U.S. have heard about some rather odd laws each state seems to still have on their books. When you start looking at some of the laws in other countries, you can come across a few that leave you scratching your head. Here are five laws on the books in Russia that are rather bizarre.

Russian Bloggers Are Not Allowed to Use Profanity

While few mothers will likely contest this law, it does show the differences between our two countries The law also restricts people from using profanity in film, theater and other cultural events.

Anti-Gay Law to Prevent Distribution of “Non-Traditional Sexual Relationships”

This has been in the news quite a bit over the last few months, and there was much criticism from countries all over the world. Russia reportedly passed this law in order to keep the idea of “non-traditional sexual relationships away from minors."

President Obama Is Banned from Entering Chechnya

The president of Chechnya, a small Russian republic, has placed President Barack Obama on a list of people that are banned from entering the country. There are some other names on that list, including European Union figureheads Catherine Ashton, Herbert Van Rompuy and Jose Manuel Barroso. The Chechnyan president posted on his Instagram account that the ban of President Obama was in response to how the U.S. acted in several countries like Libya, Iraq and Syria. He called it “state terrorism.”

It Is Not Legal to Drive a Dirty Car in Chelyabinsk

A fine of 2,000 rubles awaits those who drive a dirty car in the city of Chelyabinsk. That fine equates to about $62 in the U.S. However, according to an article by the BBC several years ago, this law is also in effect in Moscow. It was also reported that the traffic police in Moscow use a driver’s ignorance of the law to stop and fine motorists -– or get a bribe.

No Lace Undies

Russian law prohibits the production, import or sale of lace panties. The law allegedly was put into place because the underwear doesn’t comply with Russian technical requirements. This is not the only country to ban the panties. Kazakhstan and Belarus do as well. Of course, the ban prompted many protests in Russia. The government believes that the synthetic fabric is bad for your health.

Don’t Let the Ordinary Laws Tie You Up

In the U.S., it can be some of the most ordinary laws that get someone in a bind. When this happens, an experienced criminal defense attorney can provide a great source of advice and guidance.