LawsuitInjured parties have filed legal claims against the organizers of the South by Southwest music festival in Austin, Texas. The claims were filed by injured victims and families of dead victims of a fatal drunk driving car accident that happened at the festival last March.

Four people were killed in the accident after a 21-year-old driver crashed into a group of party-goers at the festival. The crash happened after the driver tried to escape a police sobriety checkpoint. The wife of one fatally injured crash victim filed her suit in federal Texas court. She said that the organizers of the festival were negligent in their failure to not prevent such an incident from occurring.

500 Arrests for DUI and Public Drunkenness

The woman's suit draws attention to the fact that more than 500 arrests have been made at the festival for drinking and driving and public drunkenness during the last five years. Due to these dangers, the lawsuit argues that organizers had a duty to protect party-goers from drunk drivers and other inebriated individuals. The suit claims that any traffic design consultant and festival organizer of normal cognizance would have foreseen and planned for such dangers. Lawsuits have been filed relating to eight other victims of the crash as well.

Organizers Blame the Drunk Driver

The organizers of the festival are arguing that they are not to blame for the accident. They have blamed the drunk driver for the death, injuries and damages that resulted from the crash. The driver is currently facing 20 counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. He is also facing charges of capital murder. Each assault charge could result in a lifetime prison sentence if the man is convicted. If convicted of capital murder, he could even be put to death.

The South by Southwest music festival was held during the dates of March 7 to March 16 last year. The film festival, music show and technology conference brings tens of thousands of party-goers to Texas every year.