Recall Alert LogoThe Keurig single-serve coffee brewer was a popular Christmas gift last year, and this year many Americans will probably be given the item as a gift, too. However, on Tuesday, Keurig announced the recall of approximately 7.2 million brewing machines due to burn risks. According to the manufacturer, the machines could malfunction and spray scalding hot coffee all over the users.

Keurig says that the impact on its earnings are not likely to be significant, and it does not believe that the perception of its brand will be negatively impacted. However, the price of its stock shares declined by about 2.2 percent on Tuesday afternoon after the announcement was made.

Recall Affects Brewers with Model Number K10

Keurig claims that the machines are more likely to malfunction and spew hot liquid on users if over two cups of coffee are brewed in sequence. Approximately 6.6 million Keurig machines have been affected in the United States as a result of the recall, and approximately 564,000 machines have been affected in Canada. According to the company's website, the machines included in the recall were manufactured from December 2009 to July 2014. They have the model number K10 and their serial numbers begin with 31.

90 Burn Injuries Reported So Far

So far, Keurig has been notified of approximately 200 instances of hot liquid coming out of their brewers. Ninety instances of burn injuries have also been reported, according to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission. In Canada, 17 minor burns have been reported. Thus far, no lawsuits have been filed against Keurig about injuries relating to its malfunctioning brewers.

If you or your loved one have been hurt by a defective and dangerous coffee brewer, you may have a claim for personal injury damages in court. Burning liquids can be very dangerous, and cause mutilating injuries. Burn injuries are particularly dangerous for children and the elderly. Individuals who have suffered a burn injury should seek attention from a medical provider immediately.