Date Rape DrugA drug sting operation in California has resulted in the arrest of three individuals. Authorities allege that three individuals, ages 40, 42 and 74, were running a designer drug trafficking ring trading in the date-rape chemical GHB. GHB is a tasteless, odorless and colorless substance that renders its victims without inhibitions and causes them to lose their memory of events that transpired.

$20,000 Worth of Drugs, Cash and Firearms

The arrest occurred on Dec. 9 at a home located in Rancho Cordova, when authorities used a search warrant to enter the residence. Local police say that they discovered $20,000 worth of methamphetamine, cash and firearms inside the home, in addition to a GHB alternative. Allegedly, the GHB was disguised and the individuals were selling it in containers labeled massage oil. The methamphetamine was also packaged for sale.

According to authorities in the county where the drug bust took place, arrests relating to GHB are exceedingly rare. That is because the chemical compound is hard to trace. Police cannot perform field tests to positively identify the GHB compound. Also, victims who have been given the drug will likely not show signs that it was in their system because the chemical passes through the body within hours of its ingestion. For this reason, the drug has become very popular among sexual predators who mix the tasteless chemical into an unsuspecting victim’s drink and proceed to sexually assault him or her while the victim is in an extremely vulnerable state.

Defending Against GHB Charges

Due to the fact that GHB is considered by authorities to be a date-rape drug, those who are found in possession of the chemical and those who are accused of selling the chemical face the threat of extremely serious punishments in the event of a conviction. That said, a conviction and punishment will only occur if the accused person or persons are found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of competent jurisdiction. By employing various criminal defense techniques -- like plea bargaining, getting evidence dismissed and discrediting witness and arresting officers' accounts -- accused individuals may be able to prevent their punishment, conviction and/or reduce their penalties considerably in some cases.