A teacher in Sacramento, California, was arrested on DUI charges last Thursday after crashing her motor vehicle into a home. The woman also hit two cars during the incident. The arrested woman, who is employed as a local elementary school teacher, has inspired a great deal of public outcry regarding her arrest.

Sacramento Residents Express Their Concerns

One worried parent said that the woman is responsible for the safety and well-being of children, but she cannot even act responsibly for herself. The concerned mother of three said that the teacher was not being considerate or thinking about anyone but herself, and she was worried that her daughter was heading into third grade next year, which is the grade that the arrested woman teaches.

To make matters worse, the multi-car accident happened while the teacher was on her commute to work in the morning.

Another concerned neighbor of the arrested teacher asked who our teachers are today when she was interviewed for comments by reporters. The woman said that she was grateful the accident did not involve any injuries or hurt any kids in the neighborhood. She said that many children come out and play in the streets in the area.

Not the Teacher's First DUI Arrest

According to court documents, the 56-year-old woman has been arrested for DUI in the past. In 2011, she resolved a DUI matter by pleading no contest.

The school district that employs the woman released statements saying that they were taking the matter seriously. A spokesperson for the school district said that the teacher will be put on administrative leave if the allegations prove true. Police are keeping the name and photo of the teacher confidential at this time to prevent upsetting her students.

At this time, it does not appear that any injuries were reported regarding this alleged DUI crash. However, the individuals involved in the crash may have valid civil claims for restitution regarding the property damages their vehicles have sustained. Also, the owners of the home that the woman allegedly drove into may wish to pursue claims for property damages, depending on the extent of any damages that may have occurred.