shooting in florida

A man has been arrested in west Florida on allegations that he killed three people. He was accused of killing his his wife, his wife's friend, and a pastor at a local church. Police took him into custody last Saturday.

According to the Manatee County Sheriff's Department, the 33-year-old will be facing three charges of homicide in court. Authorities located him in Bradenton, Florida, behind a motor home prior to the arrest.

Details on Wife and Friend's Deaths Remains Unreleased

The three individuals the man allegedly killed included his 33-year-old wife and his wife's 46-year-old friend. They were both killed at a home in Bradenton, but details regarding the nature of their deaths have not been released. The pastor was shot to death.

The 33-year-old woman was employed as a children's director and nursery director at the same church where the pastor was employed. She and her husband reportedly had six children together, according to a website maintained by the church. Police have since alerted the media that all of the couple's children are safe and sound.

Accused Man Entitled to a Criminal Defense

It is important to note that the man accused of murder in this case will have the right to defend himself against the charges in court. During his criminal proceedings, more details will come forward through the facts and evidence that are presented at trial, at which time, the man may try to get certain evidence repressed so that it cannot be used against him. In the end, the man might be able to cast sufficient doubt upon the prosecution's version of the facts in order to get his charges dismissed and/or achieve a verdict of not guilty. Alternatively, he may try to reach a plea bargaining deal with prosecutors in order get a reduction of punishment in the event of a conviction.