Two individuals died on Saturday at a recording studio in Passaic, New Jersey. The deceased individuals were working in a recording booth at the studio when a carbon monoxide gas leak overcame them. The victims were found already passed out in the booth, which triggered a 911 call.

By the time emergency crews arrived on scene, the two passed out individuals were pronounced dead. Emergency crews also discovered an additional 12 people in the recording studio who were dazed and sick. They were rushed to different area hospitals for treatment.

Mayor Praised Efforts of Emergency Workers

The mayor of Passaic made several public statements about the incident. He praised the swift efforts of firefighters, police and other first responders, whose work helped prevent more fatalities.

According to another spokesperson for the city, the source of the deadly carbon monoxide gas is still being investigated. Typically, the gas is produced by combustion fumes from gas ranges, car engines and heating systems.

Because the gas is both odorless, colorless and deadly, many individuals fall victim to carbon monoxide poisoning without even knowing it. Symptoms might include weakness, dizziness, headache, vomiting, nausea, confusion and chest pain. The problem is that these symptoms can also be caused by other factors, so many people who are suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning do not realize that they need to exit the affected area immediately. If the situation is not corrected, a carbon monoxide filled room could lead to the death of the occupants inside.

Is the Property Owner Liable?

In this case, it may be that the owner or owners of the property where the carbon monoxide deaths and injuries occurred are liable for failing to maintain the safe conditions of the property. However, police reports, eyewitness accounts and the source of the carbon monoxide will all need to be looked at and analyzed in order to determine exactly who may have been at fault and liable for the instant incident.