For the time being, a judge in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, has lifted a ban on feeding the homeless. The city ordinance restricts individuals from giving food to the homeless, making the action a criminal offense. However, for the next 30 days, individuals will be able to give food to the homeless in Fort Lauderdale without fear of getting arrested.

90-Year-Old Homeless Advocate Arrested

The Broward County Circuit Court Judge made the decision on Tuesday, after a 90-year-old advocate for the homeless was arrested. Allegedly, the man has violated the law by giving food to the homeless on multiple occasions.

City officials created the limitations on giving food to the homeless in order to prevent residents from giving out food in public places and parks. However, the ordinance has created a great deal of controversy throughout the nation. Even the hacker group, Anonymous, has shut down Internet pages owned by the city of Fort Lauderdale in protest of the law, which many see as unfair and unreasonable.

City Attorneys May Appeal the Decision

Lawyers representing the city say that they may be challenging the circuit court judge's decision to stop enforcing the law. However, there are other pending lawsuits that challenge the constitutionality of the no-feeding ordinance, too.

This issue is certainly a controversial one. Indeed, the ban on giving food to the homeless has made it a criminal offense to complete a selfless and charitable act by giving another person a meal. Nevertheless, city council members in Fort Lauderdale claim to have their reasons for putting such a ban in place.

What do you think about giving food to the homeless in public parks? Is this a good practice that should be continued? Or is it problematic because it encourages homeless people to loiter in public areas? Please share your opinion on this topic below!