Bus Driver DUIA bus driver in Kentucky was arrested on DUI charges last weekend. The woman was driving 41 high school teenagers and several chaperones at the time of the arrest. Nevertheless, the transportation company that employs the woman made an announcement that her DUI charges may soon be drooped due to a medical condition.

According to Kentucky State Troopers, the 46-year-old woman was arrested along Blue Grass Parkway on Sunday afternoon at an EZ Stop convenience store. Although the arresting officer did not actually witness the woman operating the bus while she was allegedly impaired, they did see her in the bus, which was filled with students and chaperones. They were traveling home after visiting Louisiana.

Bus Driver Employed by School District Since 1995

According to the Jefferson County Public School district, the woman has driven buses for the school district since 1995. However, she was fulfilling her job duties under the employ of Miller Transportation at the time of her arrest on Sunday.

A spokesperson for the school district said that they are aware of the arrest and they will handle the situation according to their policies and procedures as soon as the woman returns to work. On Monday, however, the arrested bus driver was a no-show.

The woman has been charged with multiple offenses including: driving under the influence, wanton endangerment, and possessing a prescription medication that was not in its appropriate container.

Driver May Get Charges Dropped

According to a statement released by Miller Transportation, the arrested bus driver suffers from a medical condition. The company's belief is that the woman appeared inebriated due to the medical issue and her alleged impairment was not caused by an illegal substance or alcohol. The company said it believes the charges could be dropped after lab results confirm this.

It is not uncommon for an individual to appear inebriated when he or she actually is not. In such situations -- when an individual is impaired due to a medical condition or for any other reason -- it is obviously inappropriate to drive. In this case, the bus driver was not actually seen driving the bus and she very well may have pulled over at the EZ Stop because of her worsening medical condition. When a DUI defense includes a legitimate explanation and/or documentation of a medical condition, sometimes the charges can get dropped or dismissed.