Gere DivorceRichard Gere's soon-to-be ex-wife Carey Lowell might ask to receive more than $100 million in the Hollywood couple's divorce proceedings. Reportedly, Gere earned $82 million dollars in income last year alone and is worth approximately $250 million in total. Lowell filed for divorce from the "Pretty Woman" star last June.

Couple Rumored to Disagree on Asset Division

Lowell is a 53-year-old ex-actress and model and Gere is a 65-year-old leading Hollywood man. Allegedly, the couple has been at odds with how much money Lowell is to receive in the divorce. The New York Post reports that, according to one source, Lowell might be able to claim that she gave up her career for Gere and the son they had together. On those grounds, she might be able to secure half of Gere's earnings since 2002, when they were married.

A lawyer representing Lowell said that it is still too early to talk about asset division, but he said that his client will pursue what is fair. He also said that neither party has made any requests at this time.

Both Have Dated Separately Since Divorce Announcement

Carey Lowell has been married two times before Gere. In addition to the son she shares with Gere, she also has a daughter, aged 24, from her second marriage. According to rumors, Lowell decided to seek divorce due to Gere's alleged constant infidelity. However, other rumors indicate that the couple has had personality conflicts due to Gere's wish for more privacy and Lowell's wish to socialize at pubic events more openly. Both Lowell and Gere have been dating separately since their divorce was announced last June.

Divorce is never easy, but the wealthier the individuals happen to be, the more complex and difficult the property division process usually is. In high asset divorces, the property of the divorcing couple must be reviewed and categorized as marital and individual assets. After determining what property is jointly owned between them and what is individually owned, the court will decide on the fairest possible division under the law. Alternatively, married couples may also try to agree to their asset division out of court by way of mediation and/or settlement.