Construction AccidentA construction worker in Beaumont, California, was trapped in a concrete pipe last Saturday and it took emergency workers over two hours to free him. Rescue workers were first called and informed of the industrial accident at approximately 9:26 a.m. that morning.

According to a spokesperson for the fire department, the construction worker was doing some kind of work inside the pipe when he suddenly got stuck. The manner by which he got stuck in the pipe, however, is still unclear.

Trapped 5 Feet Underground

The man was trapped in the pipe approximately 5 feet underground and emergency crews had to enter the structure themselves to free him. A couple hours after beginning the rescue operation, they were successful in freeing the worker and pulling him out into fresh air a little before 12 p.m. No doubt the man was exceedingly relieved. After being removed, the man was immediately taken to the hospital by ambulance to receive treatment for moderate injuries.

The swift acting emergency workers who saved this man should be commended. Nevertheless, the construction worker went through a psychologically terrifying ordeal and the memory of it will probably stay with him. If he does not qualify for workers' compensation benefits relating to the accident, the medical bills associated with the incident may also follow him for years. Even though his injuries were moderate, any kind of ambulance trip and emergency room care will be extremely expensive and possibly outside the budget of the average individual. Such medical bills could serve to financially hinder a person, but in most cases injured workers like this man will qualify for workers' compensation benefits.

Getting Help with Workers' Compensation Claims

Injured workers are encouraged to acquire legal assistance in filing a claim for workers' compensation benefits. While such a claim can be made without the assistance of a legal professional, a lawyer could prove useful in trying to obtain the maximum amount of benefits available. Also, individuals whose first claims are denied or rejected by their state's workers' compensation administration, may be able to refile and correct any noted deficiencies with greater success if they retain the assistance of a qualified workers' compensation attorney.