Halloween FireOne more person succumbed to injuries stemming from a house fire just after Halloween, bringing the current death tally to six. The fire broke out last Saturday in Portland, Maine. Emergency crews received the first reports of the blaze at approximately 7 a.m. that morning.

Maine's Deadliest House Fire Since 1974

The fire started early Saturday morning and it had already progressed into a serious fire before authorities began receiving their first calls. Seven tenants who lived in the burning building were able to escape the blaze. One person had to jump from a second-story window to escape. Another person received treatment and was later released.

The most recent person to die succumbed to his injuries on Tuesday at a hospital in Massachusetts. A spokesperson for Maine's Department of Safety said that the man suffered critical burn injuries in the fire. The spokesperson also said that Maine has not seen a house fire this deadly since 1974, when a mother and her six children were killed in the town of Eagle Lake.

Authorities Are Continuing to Investigate the Fire

Authorities are continuing to investigate the exact cause of the fire. All they know at this time is that a Halloween party was held at the residence the evening before the blaze.

Forensic fire investigators tend to be very good at pinpointing the exact cause of a blaze. Sometimes, they find that an oven or stove was to blame. Other times, they discover that faulty wiring resulted in a fire. In other cases, a defective home appliance, a lit cigarette or a heating device caused the blaze. Depending on the cause of the fire, if it is determined that another person, real estate owner, or manufacturing company was at fault or liable, injured victims and family members of the deceased may have viable causes of action to pursue financial restitution.

To evaluate the viability of a personal injury or wrongful death claim, a qualified personal injury attorney will need to review the results of official police and fire chief investigations. Eyewitness accounts will also be valuable in such an evaluation. In addition, family members and injured parties may want to conduct their own independent analysis of the fire scene through the use of independent experts to bolster and strengthen any potential claims for financial relief relating to their injuries and damages.