Teen DUIA 23-year-old man was arrested in California on Saturday after being involved in a fatal car crash. The arrested man is suspected of driving under the influence and vehicular manslaughter after a teenager was killed in the crash. Five more suffered injury in the collision according to authorities.

The allegedly drunk driver was operating his vehicle with a suspended license when the fatal accident occurred. The man was driving in a Lexus in Santa Ana, California, when he failed to stop at a red light. The Lexus collided with a Honda when it entered the intersection. Upon impact, the Honda was thrown into a Chevrolet pickup truck. Police arrested the Lexus driver at the crash scene, on charges of driving under the influence of an alcoholic substance.

1 Dead and 5 Injured in the Collision

Three passengers in the Lexus (as well as the allegedly intoxicated driver) were rushed to the hospital to receive treatment for minor injuries. An 18-year-old man riding in the Honda was pronounced dead at the accident scene. Two more occupants of the Honda were taken to the hospital. As of last reports, they were in stable condition. Fortunately, the two individuals who were riding in the Chevrolet pickup truck survived the collision unharmed.

Friends and family of the deceased teenager visited the crash site the following day, where they created a makeshift memorial in his memory. Later that night, they held a candlelight vigil. According to one of the victim's friends, everyone loved him and enjoyed being in his presence, and he was a great person.

Family Members and Victims May Have Viable Legal Claims

The injured victims of this crash, and the family members of the teenager who died, may have strong claims for financial restitution relating to their injuries and lost loved one. Especially because the allegedly drunk driver could be charged with DUI manslaughter regarding this incident, the man may be financially liable for the resulting injuries and death. A detailed review of police investigations, eyewitness reports and other factors relating to the crash will no doubt reveal the best legal strategies to pursue financial restitution in this car accident case.