BanA groundbreaking moose protection ordinance was approved by the municipal assembly in Anchorage, Alaska, but the mayor decided to veto the law. The problem involves sharp metal spikes that decorate many fences in Anchorage. Sometimes, moose end up getting impaled on the spikes. The ordinance gave homeowners a five-year time limit to remove the metal spikes from fences that are under 7 feet tall.

In defense of his veto, Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan says that the number of moose being harmed by these fences is actually quite low. He does not believe the situation warrants the creation of special fence regulations. He said that the costs involved with fence modifications outweigh the potential benefit of saving the lives of a few moose.

Only 2 to 3 Moose Get Impaled Each Year

According to a biologist who used to work for the city of Anchorage, the Department of Fish and Game usually gets about two or three moose impalement calls each year. In most cases, the moose die as a result of the impalement, but sometimes they survive, said the biologist.

The bioligist said that safer driving practices would save the lives of more moose in Anchorage, and this would not cost property owners or taxpayers a dime. The biologist also said that refraining from planting trees that moose enjoy feeding on would also help to keep moose away from roadways. Many of these trees not only distract the moose from safer food sources, they also make the moose sick.

Supporters of the Law Say Moose Are Being Tortured

Those in favor of the moose protection law say that moose are getting tortured to death on the decorative and unnecessary fence spikes. They also say that barbed-wire fencing is prohibited between properties to protect humans, so why not prohibit fence spikes to protect moose? The law will now return to the Anchorage Assembly, which can overturn the veto with eight votes.

What do you think about this legislation to protect moose in Anchorage? Does it represent government intrusion or is it a positive improvement for Anchorage?