NewsA privately owned fighter jet has crashed not far from a California military base. The jet was coming in for a landing at the military base on Wednesday in Southern California. According to area rescue workers, the pilot of the aircraft was killed in the crash.

Jet Crashed in a Field

The jet, classified as a Hawker Hunter MK-58 aircraft, crashed in a field close to Naval Base Ventura County in the Point Mugu area. The pilot was flying solo, thus, fortunately, no one else was injured or killed in the incident.

The aircraft was owned and operated by a Navy contractor called Airborne Tactical Advantage Co. The company simulates different types of threats for training purposes. A spokesperson for the contracting company said that all of its pilots have military flight experience and have logged a minimum of 2,000 hours of flight time. The victim's identity is being withheld for privacy reasons, pending notification of his next of kin.

Similar Crash Happened in May 2012

The National Transportation Safety Board will be leading a detailed investigation of the accident in coordination with the Federal Aviation Administration. This is not the only Hawker Hunter jet crash to occur in the area in recent years. Another Hawker Hunter jet went down in May 2012 at the nearby Point Mugu Naval Air Station. It was also owned and operated by the same contractor, Airborne Tactical Advantage Co.

This tragic airplane accident will no doubt leave the victim's co-workers and family members in shock and sadness. The pilot's family will not only be dealing with the grief and mourning from the loss of their loved one, they will also have to deal with financial concerns relating to end of life expenses and -- if the pilot had a family -- the loss of a major contributor to household income. Depending on the facts surrounding this crash, and the pilot's employment agreement, the pilot's family may be able to seek financial assistance by way of a workers' compensation claim and/or a wrongful death action in court.