Atlantic CityThousands of people are arrested every day in the United States and sometimes those arrests are made inappropriately or by mistake. Other times, police have valid reasons to make the arrest. Nevertheless, in every one of these cases the arrested individuals will have the right and ability to defend themselves against the allegations in court.

The same is true for a 23-year-old woman who was recently arrested on assault charges in Atlantic City, New Jersey. In this terrifying incident, the Atlantic City police claim that the young woman tossed her baby into the ocean on Sunday. The baby was only a month old.

Fisherman Performed CPR on the Baby

According to a police sergeant who made several comments to the media about the incident, onlookers witnessed the mother throwing her baby into the water. Next, the woman jumped into the ocean herself. Then, bystanders jumped in the water as well, to rescue the woman and her baby. A local fisherman administered CPR to the baby. Both the mother and her child survived, but they required treatment at a local hospital. The police sergeant commended the bravery of the men who jumped into the sea to save the woman and the baby.

The mother has now been charged with second-degree aggravated assault. As of last reports, she was still in jail and being held on bail of $100,000. It is unknown if she has obtained a lawyer to represent her in this case.

Could There Be a Plausible Explanation?

The circumstances surrounding this woman's arrest are no doubt bizarre. At this time, though, we only know the information that has been provided by authorities to the media. Little is known as to the mental health of the mother and it could be that the charged woman has a different version of the facts and events leading up to her baby going into the ocean. This information and other details relating to the case will be revealed during the woman's criminal court proceedings, at which time, she will have the right to defend herself against the accusations to the best of her ability.