Teen DUI DeathAuthorities in Santa Ana, California, have arrested and accused a man of causing a three-car accident that left a teenager dead and injured five. The fatal car crash occurred at approximately 9:30 p.m. Saturday evening in Santa Ana. Police allege that the arrested 23-year-old driver was driving under the influence of alcohol at the time of the incident. They also say that his drivers' license was suspended for a prior DUI violation.

Driver Drove Through a Red Light

According to authorities, the allegedly drunk driver was driving a Lexus at the time of the collision. They say the man drove straight through a red light and slammed into a Honda in the middle of an intersection. The Honda collided with a Chevy pickup truck.

The 18-year-old man who lost his life was riding as a passenger in the Honda. Tragically, authorities pronounced him dead at the car accident scene. Three other individuals suffered serious trauma injuries. Two more suffered minor injuries. Rescue workers had to extricate two of the accident victims out of the wreckage.

Pursuing Wrongful Death and Personal Injury Claims

Due to the fatal, and injurious, nature of this car crash -- and the fact that the man who caused it was allegedly drunk at the time -- family members of the deceased victim and the other injured victims may have valid claims for damages in civil court. The decision to pursue a wrongful death or personal injury claim is a personal one, but sometimes it is also a financial one. Medical costs can be astronomical and so can funeral and memorial expenses.

Through the successful pursuit of a personal injury claim, victims may be able to get money to finance their road to recovery, including hospital costs, medical rehabilitative services, money for pain and suffering and money for permanent and temporary disability. Families who have lost a loved one may also be able to obtain money to pay for end of life expenses, lost family income, pain and suffering and other types of damages.