divorce-questionsMost people who are considering divorce will have thousands of questions running through their minds. They will have a lot of fear, stress and worry, as well. This is normal, but it could make it hard for individuals to know whether divorce is actually right for them. According to Dr. Phil, though, by focusing on some specific questions, individuals can start to get a clearer idea about their divorce decisions. Dr. Phil refers to the following questions as the "divorce readiness test."

Ask yourself if you have done everything you possibly can to salvage your marriage. Have you read any books on the topic? Have you gone to marriage counseling? Have you considered what role you have personally played in the destruction of your marriage?

Ask yourself if you have anything that's unfinished emotionally with your partner. In other words, do you have a clear conscience about your decision to divorce and are you at peace with that decision. Are you at peace with the idea of moving into the next stage of your life? If your divorce decision does not have anger attached to it, and the hurt and frustration has passed, it is a good sign of readiness, according to Dr. Phil.

Remember to Evaluate Your Financial Situation

Ask yourself if you have done research on the legal aspects of divorce planning. Divorce can be complicated and it is important to prepare and gather appropriate knowledge and information so that you know more about what you're getting into. Not only will you want to know how much it costs, but you'll also want to know what your legal rights are in terms of child custody, child support, property division and spousal support. Do you know how many bank accounts you and your spouse share?

Finally, ask yourself about your children and what kind of parent you will be. After a divorce, parenting styles must change and children must be supported through the separation. Hopefully, your new relationship with your ex-spouse will be a peaceful and friendly one. How can you go about your divorce in a way that will support such a friendly relationship?

Don't Forget to Get Help from a Divorce Attorney

Seeking assistance from a qualified divorce attorney will be essential for divorcing parents. A divorce attorney will also know what questions to ask an individual to ensure that he or she is fully prepared for the legal and financial aspects of an impending divorce.