Same Sex AdoptionsThe Utah Supreme Court has eliminated a previous order that prohibited same sex couples from adopting children in that state. The Utah Supreme Court filed the necessary paperwork on Thursday. Previously, Utah had placed a moratorium on same sex adoptions since May, after a federal decision that allowed same sex adoptions to occur last year.

Now, the Utah Supreme Court has changed directions and filed paperwork with the federal Supreme Court to dismiss its stay request on same sex adoptions. Utah couples who are legally married -- whether they are gay or straight -- will now be treated the same and have equal rights and privileges under the law. The court's decision will affect the ability of gay couples to adopt children and be foster parents.

Gay Couples Can Now Adopt Children in Utah

The new rule means a world of difference for one gay Utah stay-at-home mom, who says that she and her wife will not have to be concerned about what might happen to their family one day. She said that she and her wife do not have to worry about their family being split up anymore.

Still, some worry that there could be powerful blowback from religious groups in Utah who staunchly believe that same sex and gay individuals should not be permitted to adopt. Critics have not focused on any one particular religious group in Utah being particularly adent in its opposition to the ruling, but certain religious groups who are involved in helping couples adopt children might protest by refusing to work with gay couples.

Have Questions About Gay Marriage and Adoption?

When it comes to family law, gay marriage and same sex couple adoption, every state has different legal protocols. Couples who have questions about same sex adoption and any other related issue will want to discuss their concerns with a qualified family law attorney. Discussing questions about gay marriage and same sex adoption with an attorney who specializes in gay rights and civil rights in addition to family law would also be advantageous.