Possessed by a Genie

There are many reasons cited for divorces in the United States -- from Facebook, to cheating, to disagreements over spending habits -- but a recent reason cited by a husband in Dubai seems to take the cake. According to court documents, a man was granted a divorce by a Dubai court due to his assertion that his wife had been possessed by a spirit, namely, a genie. The man said that the spirit caused his wife to refuse his sexual advances, and therefore he wanted a divorce.

Husband Said Genie Caused Wife to Deny Him Sex

The man's wife was persistent in her denial of sex and eventually told her husband he needed to chat with her parents about the problem. The parents ultimately told the man that his wife had been possessed by a genie, or a jinn. They told him that they had tried to rid her of the spirit with the assistance of multiple religious scholars without success. According to Arabic mythology, genies are special spirits that have the ability to appear in the form of an animal or human, and they can influence human behavior.

Later, the man filed for a divorce through Dubai's Sharia Court. According to the man's lawyer, his client had been cheated by his wife and her family. The lawyer went on to argue that the family neglected to be honest and clear by omitting the pertinent information regarding the jinn spirit that had possessed his client's wife. Based on these arguments, the man's lawyer concluded that his client should not have to pay his wife spousal support following the divorce.

Dubai Appeal Court Later Canceled Alimony Payments

The man was ultimately granted the divorce; however, he was ordered to pay approximately $11,000 (in U.S. dollars) in spousal support to his wife. Later, by filing a petition through the Dubai Appeal Court, the man succeeded in getting his alimony obligation canceled. The court felt that the woman, indeed, should have been honest with her husband about being possessed by a genie.

This divorce case might appear odd to the average person in the United States, for whom supernatural arguments about genies and jinns do not affect the typical divorce proceeding. Nevertheless, our laws and cultural mores may also appear strange to someone from another country. What do you think? Do you feel that there are any strange or unfair laws that come into play in the typical American divorce?