Expensive WeddingsAccording to a study by Emory University, expensive weddings have a higher likelihood of ending in divorce. While this could be good news for couples that opted to save money on their wedding plans, it might not be good news for the ones who splurged on extravagant ceremonies.

The study involved the results of a 5-minute Internet survey, which was filled out by 3,370 United States citizens. All of the participants had to have been married before. The survey gathered information about current marital status, marriage duration, number of children, courtship duration, race, education, gender, marriage age, income, religion and how much was spent on their weddings.

Weddings Under $1,000 Had Lowest Divorce Rates

According to the research, those who spent from $2,000 to $4,000 on their engagement rings had a 1.3 times higher chance of getting a divorce. Those who spent from $500 to $2,000 on their engagement rings had a decreased divorce rate. As for the wedding ceremony itself, people who spent $20,000 and up on their weddings showed a 3.5 times higher divorce rate compared to the group that spent from $5,000 to $10,000 on their ceremonies. Meanwhile, couples who spent under $1,000 had a markedly lower rate of divorce.

The study also found that couples with more expensive wedding ceremonies had more stress due to the resulting financial debts that came from the costs of the ceremonies. The study concluded that high wedding expenses might correlate to an increased level of debt stress; and, due to the link between financial stress and divorce, the study further postulates that this is the likely connection between expensive weddings and divorce.

Keeping Divorce Costs (and Stresses) at a Minimum

Regardless of how expensive one’s nuptial ceremony was, and why one’s marriage failed, the last thing one wants is an expensive divorce. Fortunately, through dispute resolution services, mediation and out of court settlement strategies, divorcing couples can keep the costs (and stresses) at a minimum in most separations.