Weird LawsThe following weird laws from Arizona may cause you to never see Arizona in the same light again. Tourists who visit the state might want to try and avoid breaking these laws. That said, if you have a spitting habit you can't break, you could find yourself in jail or facing thousands of dollars in fines.

Six Months in Jail for Spitting?

The city of Goodyear has a city ordinance that forbids individuals from spiting on its public sidewalks. Highways, crosswalks, parks and buildings are also off-limits where spittle is concerned. If a random passerby happens to get caught depositing some of his or her saliva in front of the city hall, the guilty party could be punished with six months in jail or as much as $2,500 in fines.

Traveling gypsies, psychics and hypnotists might want to steer clear of Avondale. This Arizona city has outlawed fortunetelling and palm reading in exchange for payment. It is also illegal to hypnotize people, even if you're doing it for free. However, medical doctors, dentists and state college teachers are the exception to the rule -- they have carte blanche to hypnotize anyone they want.

In Tolleson, be careful not to shine your flashlight too brightly. If it is determined that your flashlight emits a beam that extends for over a half mile, you will need to get its use approved by the Tolleson city counsel. Public authorities are allowed to use such high powered flashlights, but as for the normal public, it's lights out.

Is That Really a Clothesline I See?

In El Mirage, if you see a clothesline, it's either a mirage or it's illegal. Putting up a clothesline on a non-residential property can net you fines of $350 and up. Even if you put it up at your home, and it can be seen from the road, you'll be in big trouble. Residential clotheslines have to be concealed from view completely so that individuals on the street cannot see them.

What do you think of these weird laws? Does your city or state have any that are just as weird or weirder?