FootballTwo professional football players have been arrested on charges of trespassing and other criminal violations. One football player, Derrick Shelby of the Miami Dolphins, was arrested in a Fort Lauderdale nightclub. The other football player, Tom Johnson of the Minnesota Vikings, was arrested in Minneapolis.

Police say that Shelby was taken into custody at a Fort Lauderdale nightclub after he allegedly caused a disturbance at approximately 2 a.m. on Saturday. Security officers contacted police after the athlete allegedly refused to leave the club when asked to do so. According to the man's attorney, there is a great deal of conflicting details surrounding the man's arrest and at this time he is denying all the charges.

Tom Johnson was taken into custody during the early morning hours Sunday. He has been accused of trespassing and disorderly conduct, but no other details have been released at this time. He was released after posting bail and his first court date is scheduled for Oct. 17.

Arrests Come in the Wake of Ray Rice Scandal

Spokespersons for both football teams said that they are aware their players were arrested over the weekend and they are currently investigating the matters.

These arrests come just a few weeks after the scandalous release of a video depicting NFL player Ray Rice having a physical fight with his fiancee. The man could be seen punching the woman in the face, causing her to fall unconscious to the floor of an elevator. Rice has been been suspended indefinitely as a result. This and other incidents have brought a great deal of scrutiny and criticism upon the NFL.

Accused NFL Players Will Be Innocent Until Proven Otherwise

In spite of recent arrests and allegations of domestic violence involving NFL players, the cases involving these two football players will be handled as individual, isolated events. These men will have the right to defend themselves against the charges being brought against them in court, and -- if they are able to successfully navigate their criminal defenses -- they may be able to get their charges dropped, dismissed or achieve verdicts of not guilty. Alternatively, they may wish to negotiate a plea bargain with the prosecution in a strategy to reduce the severity of any punishments associated with conviction.