Free ParkingNew Orleans has passed a parking law ordinance that is actually nice to some drivers. Disabled drivers will now be permitted to park in any metered space in the city for free for a certain number of hours. The ordinance was passed into law last Thursday. Political groups who have been advocating that New Orleans institute changes to make the city friendlier to disabled persons are celebrating the new law.

Disability Advocates Say More Needs to Be Done

According to the Advocacy Center, a group that has been asking the city to waive parking fees against disabled persons, a lot of parking meters in downtown New Orleans are difficult for people with disabilities to access. Some wheelchair users cannot even reach the devices. The new law corrects this problem by allowing disabled persons to use metered parking for free, with certain limitations. For example, there are time restrictions on the parking and individuals are not permitted to park their cars in fire lanes or areas where traffic hazards might exist.

The New Orleans City Council passed the free parking for the disabled ordinance unanimously with a vote of 6-0. According to the director of the Advocacy Center, the city has made progress but more still needs to be accomplished to increase its overall levels of accessibility to disabled persons. Nevertheless, he said that he is very happy the city is making progress.

Disabled Individuals Have Specific Rights Under the Law

Accessibility standards are an important part of local, state and federal laws throughout the United States. Disabled individuals have certain rights and privileges under the law. While those privileges may not always mean free parking, they do protect disabled persons from abuse and discrimination. Those who feel they have been mistreated or unfairly disadvantaged as a result of their disability may have legal options available to seek justice under the law.