Wedding Ring Insurance FraudA woman in Arizona was charged with insurance fraud after being caught wearing wedding rings she said she had lost. She has since pleaded guilty to the fraud in order to reach a plea deal, but at first she denied the charges.

Woman Claimed Rings Were Lost While Swimming

The woman originally filed her fraudulent insurance claim in June 2013 through Travelers Insurance Company. She told her insurance company that she lost her wedding ring in the ocean where she was swimming some days after her wedding. Several months later, in October, the woman filed another claim that her husband lost his ring in the ocean, too.

The Fraud Was Discovered in a Facebook Picture

An employee for State Farm first became suspicious while interviewing the woman about her husband's lost ring. Later, the Department of Insurance was called in to investigate the matter. The insurance fraud was ultimately discovered on Facebook, after investigators discovered that the woman was wearing both rings in a photograph on her Facebook page. Next, authorities issued a search warrant and both rings were found. First, the woman argued that the rings were merely duplicate replacements. However, the jeweler who sold them to her told investigators that they were one of a kind.

White Collar Crime Defense

Those accused of white collar crimes like insurance fraud will have the ability to defend themselves in court against the charges, but if the evidence against the accused is particularly convincing, he or she may wish to try and reach a plea deal. As is common in insurance fraud cases, the woman in this case was able to reach a plea bargain agreement with the prosecution. The plea deal allowed her to escape time in jail in exchange for paying back almost $27,000 to Travelers Insurance and another $1,005.11 in investigative fees to the Department of Insurance. She has also been placed on probation.