Australia Weird LawsAustralia is a unique place, with great food, great coffee with interesting and friendly people. It also has some very unique laws that could surprise the random tourist, and even a few Australians. Do you think you might break any of these laws unwittingly?

You can't wear hot pink pants on Sunday afternoons.

    If you are traveling through Victoria, Australia, you won't be able to wear your favorite hot pink trousers on a Sunday afternoon stroll. It is not entirely clear why this rule exists, but some speculate that the idea is to keep Victorians from disgracing Sabbath day with clothing that is too attractive.

You can't fly a kite (in public places).

    Ever since Australia's Summary Offences Act of 1966, children and adults have been prohibited from flying kites -- and playing any other kinds of games that could annoy their fellow citizens -- in public. Allegedly, the lawmakers who created the bill felt that it was necessary in order to respect the privacy of others in public places.

You can't wear all black clothing.

    Is this law a protest against Johnny Cash, or is it a protest against the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team? The answer is neither. Australians are not allowed to wear black because it is the traditional attire of burglars. You are also not allowed to wear felt shoes or put black shoe polish on your face for the same reason.

Don't change that light bulb!

    It's actually illegal for Victorians to change a broken light bulb and they can be fined as much as 10 pounds for the violation. The job is reserved for a licensed electrician. If this is truly the case in Victoria, and this law is actually enforced, it certainly represents a big nuisance for everyone.

Just like other parts of the world, Australia has a lot of interesting laws, which probably seemed perfectly reasonable at the time (except to people who like wearing hot pink pants, that is). Eventually, the weirdest laws tend to be repealed over time, but some always remain as odd relics of the past.